Hosting with Kinsta, new Nest Wi-Fi, and the Masters website

This episode of The Chrome Cast was a tad bit different than most, but it was a great conversation. We begin the show reviewing our recent web hosting woes and the direction we’ve finally taken to escape them. While many of our listeners may not be looking for quality web hosting at the moment, it doesn’t mean you all won’t be on the receiving end of a much faster, much more optimized Chrome Unboxed website moving forward. We’re excited about where we’ve landed and only expect the user experience to get better and better with our new hosting partner: Kinsta.

For the second part of the show, we discuss the emergence of a possible new Nest Wi-Fi with a much needed upgrade on board: Wi-Fi 6. With this tech, routers are much better at overall bandwidth throughput and dispersal, so in crowded environments your connection is faster and more stable than it was with Wi-Fi 5. As our homes and places of work continue adding layers of connected devices, this is a necessary move, and combining Wi-Fi 6 with Google’s already-stellar, solid and steady router, I think this new Nest will be a huge hit.

Finally, we discuss the new 2022 Masters website from a technical perspective. You don’t have to enjoy golf to be absolutely blown away by the website and we take a quick dive into all the functionality that is on offer via web-driven technology right in your browser.

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