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Chicago Website Design SEO Company in Houston, Texas, has announced that they are offering a free video analysis of a potential client’s website. They want to point out that they are capable of promoting almost any website to the first page of any major search engine, but they prefer to work with companies that have a good reputation, proper funding, and are serious about growth. They offer SEO and SEM services for Houston businesses that allow the business website to be prominent in major US cities.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “Our SEO expert services have put businesses on the front pages of Google searches. Our current clients have access to our 5-star customer service with monthly reports and continual communication. Read our client reviews to hear directly from our clients about how our SEO experts work for them. Some of our success stories include placing businesses on the front page of Google searches, number one in competitive keyword searches, and maintaining SEO high ranking positions since 2012.”

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There are a number of benefits from their services. These include the fact that businesses: get a responsive, high traffic website rewarded by Google; get found online for what they do, thus increasing their exposure; grow their brand and improve their bottom line; receive expert website consulting services with SEO experts; get more leads, more customers and more revenue; and get to outperform their competitors online.

For local SEO, Chicago Website Design SEO Company- Houston offers Google My Business (GMB) SEO and Etsy Product SEO. GMB is a Google service that provides businesses with a platform for marketing, advertising, and promoting websites. GMB SEO has the goal of making the business’ website, or a listing containing the website, rank better in the GMB search results. This will ensure that the listing will appear first and on top of the first page of the search results. Local SEO is vital because statistics have revealed that 46 percent of all searches on Google are for local businesses. With these local SEO services, the business website is visible to people near the business who have a high chance of visiting the physical store or location of the business.

Small businesses in Houston and neighboring areas may also have their website be designed and created by Chicago Website Design SEO Company- Houston. They can design and create contractor websites, HVAC websites, plumber websites, home remodeling websites, roofer websites, and more. They can also offer their services for various professional websites and product-based websites.

They want to point out that what differentiates them from other web design companies is that they build websites based off of metrics. This means that the websites they designed have been tailor-fitted to the business’ prospective customers based on the keyword research that they have performed. They will also ensure that the website is mobile responsive, which means that the website allows mobile device uses to navigate the site with ease.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company- Houston also provides lead generation systems that are created from the bottom up and includes website design, a lead funnel, email sequence writing, content writing, reputation building, SEO, and pay-per-click set up and management. While there are many strategies for sales leads generation, they will focus on their expertise, which is web marketing. They will focus on what keywords the prospective clients for the business are using to search for the product or service that they require. Their process includes: finding the correct or profitable keywords; building or updating the business’ website to reflect those keywords; building, managing, or repairing online reputation; and off-page SEO for those keywords.

Reputation management services is another key service offered by Chicago Website Design SEO Company- Houston. This is essential because the business’ online reputation may be its best asset. This is because many people who are looking for products or services online will first make sure that a business’ reputation is on the positive side before they decide to make a purchase.

Businesses who are looking for a Houston SEO company may want to check out the website of the Chicago Website Design SEO Company or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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