How 100 Page Speed Score Helped Australian Internet Advertising Jump to First Page of Google Search

COVID-19 has created a big impact on businesses globally. Companies are making drastic adjustments to their expenditures just to survive this unprecedented economic crisis. Those that previously relied on paid online advertisements are left with no choice but to put their campaigns on hold indefinitely.

Google and Facebook Ad management companies like Australian Internet Advertising (AIA) saw a sharp decline in their clients because businesses started reducing their spending on paid ads.

AIA is an eight year old digital marketing agency which has already established itself as one of the premium  Google ads management  companies in Australia. It is headed by co-founder and director William Polson.

According to William Polson, “Now with companies cutting costs on paid ads, the importance of SEO has never been more relevant. That is why we knew we had to be at the top of Google for all SEO related search queries.”

SEO has been a part of the internet marketing landscape for many years, as it helps generate high volumes of targeted organic traffic. It is cheaper than paid advertisements, which is why more and more companies are using SEO services to reach their target audiences.

With #1 rankings in organic search for Facebook and Google related keywords, AIA was faced with the task of reaching the first page of Google for keywords like ‘best SEO agency in Sydney ’. 

SEO is dynamic, as Google keeps rolling out new updates to improve search relevance for their users. In September 2020, Google switched over to a mobile-first indexing system for ranking websites. What this meant was that companies needed to have good page speeds, as it became one of the top factors for page ranking by Google.

How 100 Page Speed Score Helped Australian Internet Advertising Jump to First Page of Google Search How 100 Page Speed Score Helped Australian Internet Advertising Jump to First Page of Google Search Photo: Screenshot

With this in mind, AIA decided to build the fastest website in Australia. It was their best chance of beating their competition for highly competitive SEO keywords. Their  Sydney web design team  created a sleek and conversion optimised website using the JAMstack ecosystem.

JAMstack has gained popularity in recent years due to its unparalleled performance, high security and scalability. Big brands like Louis Vuitton, Koala Mattress and The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation use JAMstack for powering their websites.

Within a week of launching the new website, the rankings of AIA web pages skyrocketed and jumped to the front page of Google for most of the SEO related keywords. They tracked using ‘Page Speed Insights’, which uses stringent scoring parameters for rewarding the page speed scores. The pages of the new AIA website homepage reached the score of 100 and the SEO page also scored top marks.

Going by this case study of Australian Internet Advertising, it is clear that page speed has become an important factor for SEO success. Companies that are failing to reach the top search rankings will need to implement a major reshuffle and optimisation of their website.

They will need to use advanced web development technologies like JAMstack, to improve their page speed. Businesses should include page speed improvements along with other SEO optimisation and backlinking strategies to reach the first page of search results moving forward.

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