New Emojis Coming To iOS This Year

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Apple on Tuesday released a new set of emojis coming to iOS devices this fall, including a transgender flag, more gender neutral options and a “disguised face” with glasses and a mustache.

Key Facts

The new set of emojis are part of Unicode 13, a set of standards released earlier this year by the Unicode Consortium, an organization that sets rules for tech companies using special characters like emoji. 

The new emoji were included in a beta version of the iOS 14.2 software update Tuesday, and will likely be available to the public in October or November 2020, according to Emojipedia.

The update will add more inclusive options such as a transgender flag, a transgender symbol, a woman with a tux, a man with a veil and a gender neutral person with each, along with a non-binary Santa alternative, Mx. Claus.

Other notable additions are: ninjas, blueberries, bubble tea, a seal, a feather, a roller skate and a toilet plunger.

Apple’s new release won’t include emoji that are part of Unicode 13.1, which was introduced last week and includes a woman with a beard, a gender neutral “person with a beard” and a heart on fire. Those emoji are expected in 2021, according to Emojipedia.

Key Background

Tech companies have been slowly adding more inclusive emoji over the past few years. It took until 2015 for the Unicode Consortium to introduce more skin color choices instead of the default yellow tone. And in 2016, the rainbow Pride Flag emoji was added.

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