State voter registration website brings wave of new voters | Local News

“We are being bombarded with messages to register to vote,” Froonjian said. Some people may not realize the message is only meant for those who never registered, Froonjian said. They may mistakenly believe voters have to register each year, he said. 

“Either way, it’s more evidence of what we saw over the summer — of high, high enthusiasm for this election,” Froonjian said of the July primary.

The summer saw thousands of people switching from unaffiliated to a party, as well as many new registrations.

“So this news tells me that trend is just continuing,” Froonjian said.

In Cape May County, the Board of Elections handles voter registration as well as counting of ballots, so its staff also has started handling returned ballots this week, Kennedy said.

Boards of Elections are responsible for counting mail-in ballots and provisional ballots, along with staffing the polls for in-person voting.

In Atlantic County, a separate office called the Superintendent of Elections handles voter registrations. Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections Maureen Bugdon could not be reached Monday for information about how her office is handling registrations from the state website.

Kennedy said his office constantly gets new registrations from the state.

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