The Pathless Is A PlayStation 5 Launch Game

Developer Giant Squid has confirmed that the release date for its action-adventure game The Pathless will coincide with the PlayStation 5’s launch, meaning it’ll drop on November 12 as a PS5 launch title.

The November 12 date for The Pathless isn’t exclusive to the PlayStation 5, though. Giant Squid also announced that the game will drop on iOS via Apple Arcade, PC, and PlayStation 4 on the same day.

Thanks to the powerful hardware packed into the PlayStation 5, The Pathless will run at 60 FPS. And with the DualSense’s haptic trigger effects, creative director Matt Nava said players will “feel the force of every arrow shot” while playing The Pathless on PS5 with the latest generation of controllers.

Published by Annapurna Interactive, The Pathless is the latest game from Abzu developer Giant Squid. Players take control of The Hunter, a master archer who must rid the world of a suffocating darkness. By forging a deep connection with an eagle companion and exploring vast environments, players will hunt down a variety of corrupted spirits in order to free them from their imprisonment.

The Pathless joins a growing list of PlayStation 5 launch titles, including the Demon’s Souls remake, looter-slasher Godfall, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

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