5 Tips to Buy Computers for Graphics Designers

With the growing demand for digital media, graphic designing has become a lucrative field to start a career in. Both as a freelancer and as a full-time employee, graphic designers can find hundreds of different gigs, given that they polish their skills enough.

So if you want to get started with this field, the first step is to purchase the right computer. Modern graphic designing tools can be difficult to run on an average PC. This is why before you jump into reaching out to clients, the first thing you need to do is to check home electronics shops online reviews.

Platforms like Britainreviews.co.uk make it much easier for you to filter out the best shops and help you get the best bang for your buck. It is one of the most trustable review brands in the U.K, so you can browse through user experiences and narrow down which shop you want to trust for your rig.

Once you’ve found the right shops, keep in mind the following factors when purchasing a PC or a laptop:

Operating System

Windows, macOS and Chrome OS are three of the most popular operating systems nowadays. Chrome OS is becoming popular due to its budget-friendly laptops, while macOS as most of you may know, is expensive but a great long-term investment. And Windows tips somewhere in between. So the operating system you choose heavily depends on your budget and also personal preferences.


Graphic designing tools require a lot of processing power, so your processor at least needs to be quad-core for you to work without any interruptions. Alternatively, an extreme series processor may also do the trick.


The display is a requirement that graphic designers cannot compromise on. Try shooting for a laptop that supports 1080p resolution and at least has a screen size of 15 inches. This should give you ample space to work with, and the colours would be vibrant enough for you to notice intricate details.

Battery Life

The whole idea behind purchasing a laptop is to work at your own convenience. This is the reason we don’t recommend used laptops for graphic designers. And even if it’s used, make sure that it offers a battery time of at least 8 hours so you can make it through the day without constantly seeing the low battery notification.


Your RAM should be anywhere between 8 to 16 GB. However, if your laptop doesn’t have a lot of RAM pre-installed, don’t worry. It is easy and inexpensive to purchase and install new RAM in it.

The Bottom Line

As fun as being a professional graphic designer is, your life can become miserable without a good laptop. So before you start learning, make sure that you have a laptop that meets the criteria above to make your experience smoother.

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