Brazil Man’s Slacklining Record Shocks Internet

The video was posted by Guinness World Records on its Instagram page.

Guinness World Record is one thing which motivates people to go to extremes and register their names in the record book. The videos of such record-breaking attempts are often posted by Guinness World Records (GWR) on its social media pages.

One such video is gaining traction on Instagram, which shows a man from Brazil walking on a rope tied between two hot air balloons flying midair. It has been viewed more than 76,000 since being posted three days ago.

Rafael Zugno Bridi, a slackline enthusiast, successfully created the record for highest slackline walk – at 1,901 metres (6,326 ft) – according to GWR.

“This incredibly daring feat also earned @rafabridi the record title for highest highline (male), free solo (ISA-verified),” it further said in the comment section, tagging Bridi.

The page, which has a list of record-breaking feats and achievements, further said that Bridi crossed the 25 centimetres wide slackline barefoot, above Praia Grande in Santa Catarina, Brazil, at an altitude that took to him to twice the height of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Bridi, whose Instagram bio describes him as ‘an icon of outdoor sport in Brazil’, said after the record-making attempt: “The feeling of floating and freedom has always been one of the biggest motivations for my highline practice, and nothing can bring this sensation so vividly as a crossing between balloons where both points are in constant motion.”

Instagram users replied with astonishment, congratulating Bridi for the record.

“My legs tingling looking at this omg,” a user commented. “How great to have witnessed this great feat, brother!! Bravo!!!” said another.

A third user called the feat “unbelievable”, saluting the spirit of Bridi.