How Cloud Computing Technology Affects the SEO Industry

Cloud computing is a collection of services and applications that users can access and use via a web browser. With cloud hosting, it is unnecessary to install software on your system. However, it can be accessed through the service provider’s system.

Cloud hosting is offered as three basic services:

  • Platform As a Service

  • Software As a Service

  • Infrastructure As a Service

Cloud hosting is more popular now than ever before. Many are surprised to realize that cloud hosting can impact the search engine optimization rankings of websites and businesses online. This is because cloud hosting services make it easier and quicker to access platforms and software. Cloud hosting can increase the loading speed of a website. This is essential when discussing the experiences customers have when visiting a website.

Customer experience is a major part of search engine optimization ranking as determined by search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Let’s look at how cloud hosting and storage can impact SEO rankings.

Websites Load Faster

There is abundant evidence that changing to cloud hosting improves the search engine optimization ranking of many websites. The reason for this is that pages load faster. One of the most important metrics that is used when determining the ranking of a website is user experience. The higher the user experience, that is the more satisfied the user is with their interaction with the site, the higher the site ranks.

Users have become impatient. If a website takes more than a few seconds to load, they navigate away. If the experience of switching between pages, accessing videos, or viewing a gallery is cumbersome, users will navigate away. This is where cloud hosting and secure cloud storage solutions have become invaluable. Unquestionably, quicker loading times are the primary way that cloud hosting services affect a website’s SEO.

Protection Against Malicious Programs

Bots and other malicious programs pose a major threat to websites and online services all the world over. Bots can make it possible for a hacker to get around a website security and give an unauthorized individual the ability to control a website. Some bots make it possible for hackers to have a good view of a website, allowing them to steal information, disrupt functionalities, and engage in other things that will impact the search engine optimization status of the website.

One of the best ways to address unwanted malware attacks from bots is a robust web hosting service. Cloud hosting services offer strong security against bots. There’s no such thing as 100 percent impenetrable security. However, cloud hosting offers some of the best security possible.

Cloud Hosting Is Reliable

One of the biggest benefits connected to cloud hosting is reliability. If your website is constantly down because you are using unreliable hosting, your ranking is going to plummet. However, cloud hosting has proven itself to be a reliable source of hosting. Many cloud hosting providers can promise an uptime of 99.9 percent.

Since there is a lot of competition in cloud hosting, hosting providers offer phenomenal customer service. If there is anything wrong with the hosting and you call the provider, you will usually get a quick response. This is an important benefit of cloud hosting, especially when compared to other types of hosting.

Improved Mobile Capacity

People use their smartphones for just about everything from listening to the music to using business tools such as accounting apps. More people use their smartphones to access the Internet than accessing the Internet from desktop devices. Successful search engine optimization strategies must be formulated to take mobile users in mind.

Businesses that do not optimize for mobile are going to lose visitors. With over 3.7 billion people around the world using their mobile devices to access the Internet, this is a facet of search engine optimization that cannot be ignored. When you use cloud hosting, analytics and data are made available to search engines that allow the website to be easily tailored to smart phone access.

Hosting Location

Search engines are interested in knowing the location of hosting compared to the location of where the search is made from. Search engines are going to give higher priority to servers that are hosted locally because these are going to provide faster responses and information that is applicable locally.

If someone is in Australia and they are looking for baseball equipment, the searches they are going to get will have an Australian extension. This only makes sense, especially when thinking about local search engine optimization for small businesses that are not looking to reach a global audience.

Before cloud hosting, online businesses would need to purchase and maintain several domain names and websites so that they catered to the geolocations they were trying to target. However, cloud hosting allows for the creation of multiple sites at a low cost. The ease and availability of cloud-based systems to offer local hosting improves a website’s chances of ranking well.

Cloud Hosting Offers Tools and Solutions

Another way that cloud hosting improves search engine optimization is that it offers several resources and tools. Since the entire infrastructure is in a centralized place, service providers can offer their clients flexible capacity without it being expensive.

Tools, dashboards, and management consoles can also be offered, which improve the end-user’s ability to manage their website remotely. Some of these tools can help website owners build unique strategies for search engine optimization. Cloud-based systems allow the owners of websites to monitor the activity of their users. This information can be analyzed. Changes can then be made in the search engine optimization strategy with the goal of reaching more customers.

The popularity of cloud hosting comes from the benefits it offers. It provides a seamless Internet service that is secure and flexible. The number of malicious attacks decreases when using cloud hosting services. The speed of websites increase when businesses opt for cloud services.

Websites that have few risks and are optimized for speed attract customers. This plays a role in a high search engine optimization ranking. This leads to improved SERP ranking, which creates a positive chain reaction that will eventually benefit the business’s bottom line.

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