This digital wolf howls knowledge. New online learning website Mentorwolf aims to make everyone a teacher on World Teachers’ Day – Press Release

Oct. 5, 2020 / PRZen / WHITIANGA, New Zealand — Combining the power of the web, the gig economy, and distance learning, Mentorwolf a new peer to peer educational website with a twist, launched today just in time for World Teachers’ Day. The site connects tutors (mentors) with learners (mentees) worldwide.

Mentorwolf is not an online university and encourages its’ members to think beyond the scope of traditional academic subjects like math and science, urging them to be more creative and have fun with their education. “Most anything can be taught and learned on the platform from re-upholstering ones dining room chairs to repairing a vintage vehicle’s carburettor, to learning how to make Rocky Road ice cream – we want people to explore and learn from each other.” says founder and CEO Kaspur Franke, an entrepreneur from New York who found himself traveling in New Zealand when the global Coronavirus pandemic struck. “It’s about democratizing and redefining what online education means for everyone and expanding the idea of who can teach and what can be taught and learned when passionate enthusiasts come together. I’ve always been a passionate autodidact and felt that everyone is skilled at something. That’s why I wanted to create a dedicated learning platform for people to be able to come together and learn from one another. I began working on the creation of Mentorwolf well before the pandemic struck but when it hit, I saw an even greater need for the space.”

Mentor registration is open now.
Signing up as a Mentorwolf mentor is free and mentors make their own schedule, set their own prices, and are not subject to paying exorbitant fees to use the platform.

Learner registration is coming soon.
Learners are free to browse and take as many courses with as many different mentors as they like. There are no commitments necessary.

Mentorwolf is an interactive peer-to-peer platform for teaching and learning online. Our aim is to connect millions of people globally in a creative and safe learning environment.

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